University Park

Banditos Tex Mex Cantina

6615 Snider Plz University Park, TX 75205-1312
(214) 750-6100

To be honest, all Tex Nex does not taste the same just because the word is used, you must know that not all Tex Nex is made alike. We can't tell you all of the secrets they have here but we have to say that the food here is the real deal in terms of taste and texture. The enchiladas and beefy, cheesy and the most delicious we have ever had. You must order one of their Margaritas which is a unique blend of the highest quality tequila, orange liquor and lime. This is what an experience at a restaurant should be like. A place to hang out with friends and family while you watch your favorite event and soak up the entire experience.

GRAIN Restaurant

5954 Luther Ln Dallas, TX 75225
(469) 232-4962

GRAIN Restaurant is located within a hotel but you certainly don't have to be staying there to enjoy this one! Party Bus Fort Worth customers really enjoy stopping in to enjoy the fabulous steakhouse atmosphere and to indulge in some of their unforgettable seafood dishes. The service here is really on a completely different level than what you're used to, so attentive and kind. Despite the amazing atmosphere, the prices are actually quite affordable, and there's of course a full bar here for your complete enjoyment. The steak tips with polenta is one of our favorite dishes here, and we absolutely love every single one of their mouth watering appetizers!


7713 Inwood Rd Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 352-0005

Shinsei is an Asian fusion restaurant and sushi bar that Party Bus Fort Worth customers really enjoy hanging out at with all of their friends when on the road in the University Park area with us. They have a private dining area in the back that you may especially enjoy, and the fact that they have such a beautiful bar area is even more of a plus! The food that is offered here is of the highest possible quality and they have such exciting options too. The caramelized banana parfait is one of the most incredible things that we have ever tasted in our lives, and we're just obsessed with the miso black cod that is served here! One of our most superb recommendations!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

6030 Luther Ln Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 363-2337

Party Bus Fort Worth customers love a great burger bar, and Hopdoddy Burger Bar is definitely worthy of being on a list of the greatest! This University Park area establishment is fun and cool, always packed with happy customers enjoying delicious burgers and ice cold drinks. There is a full bar here too, so having a cocktail alongside your burger is not just a pipe dream! The truffle fries are our absolute top favorite thing on the menu, and we're big fans of the magic shroom too! The ahi tuna burger is something that's really unique and worth trying too! Lots of great local beers and some really fantastic coffee too! Don't skip this one!


8300 A Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 691-8991

Another University Park area favorite of Party Bus Fort Worth is Hillstone, a wonderful traditional American restaurant that has a huge menu of classic favorites as well as a few things that just may surprise you. We just love their fresh and delicious salads, piled high with lots of fresh veggies and toppings. Their grilled fish is fantastic and we love their poultry and beef dishes as well. If you're a lover of a fantastic sandwich whether for lunch or dinner, they've got you covered there too. The ambiance is one of the most amazing things about this place, so cozy and sort of reminiscent of an intimate cabin, but with all the space that a Party Bus Fort Worth group needs!

Nick & Sam's Grill

8111 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 379-1111

Nick & Sam's Grill is a nice place to spend the evening with your Party Bus Fort Worth group, and the crowds that gather here tend to be of a more mature age and mindset, which is a plus for many of us. The University Park area is certainly made better by the inclusion of this establishment! The ambiance is lovely and comfortable, and right in the middle of the restaurant you'll find a beautiful bar where you can sit and enjoy your drinks with your friends. They happily accept reservations here, and your dressed-to-the-nines group will really fit right in with this classy and romantic interior and the other customers that dine there. Love it!