Party Bus Fort Worth has been a leader in the party bus industry and as such we know exactly the needs and demands of our clients. From small parties to large corporate and family get-togethers, our buses can accommodate up to 35 persons which can be seated comfortably in our leather-covered seats.

Our prices are tailored to the demands of the clients. Depending on the number of guests, the size of the bus, the number of hours that the bus will be used, and the destinations, we can adjust our rates to best fit your budget.

We can also change the interior design of the bus to fit the theme of your party and provide add-on amenities to make your party successful, fun, and more memorable.

You can also hire our buses for your transport needs around the Fort Worth area, specially during important events and occasions. And while it is more expensive to hire our bus as compared to simply flag down a cab to bring you to your destination, just think of the comfort and style when using our buses.

You can't stretch, stand, sing, or even dance inside a cab. So, there's no point of comparing us with taxis. We provide class, comfort, style, and luxurious transport, and when you and your friends chip in to pay for our buses, you will see that hiring our bus is far better than riding on a cab.

Give us a call now to discuss your pricing requirements. We will definitely consider your budget in giving your a quote. We also have affiliates in other Metropolitan areas for Prices on Party Buses. Give a try to Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Lexington KY, Ann Arbor, or New York.

Client Testimonials

"When you are inside Party Bus Fort Worth, the last thing that you will think of is the price. With all the fun, comfort, and excitement we had inside their bus during my birthday party, I will definitely consider Party Bus Fort Worth in my future events"
- Pam Smith, Ft. Wt.

"I would have had headaches because of heavy traffic on my way to a friend's wedding. Good thing I rented Party Bus Fort Worth to bring me and a number of friends to the wedding venue"
- Jake Adams, 35

"Thank you Party Bus Fort Worth for making my debut party fun and memorable. All my friends were surprised to know that the venue for my party was a bus. But they had so much fun that I ended up having tears of joy."
- Catherine Glover

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