Smokey Joe's

115 8th St Ballinger, TX 76821
(325) 365-5100

You have probably heard the phrase "nobody does it better." Well, in the case of this fine establishment, there is no doubt this phrase could be used in reference to what they do. The barbeque that they serve up here is so good that you are going to be moaning in ecstasy. It really doesn't matter what you order, just make sure that you ask for your favorite because whether you chomp on brisket, ribs, pulled pork or any other succulent choice, you are going to be smiling from ear to ear. The atmosphere is incredible as this place exists in an old movie theater. No disappointment will be found here, only pure enjoyment.

Zero One Ale House

20 W Beauregard Ave San Angelo, TX 76903
(325) 653-5123

When with Party Bus Fort Worth in the Bethel area, why not head over to Zero One Ale House and throw back a few cold ones with your party bus buddies? That's what a whole lot of our customers choose to do. They love the live music and the trendy atmosphere, and the happy hour prices are a major perk as far as everybody is concerned! Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best nights if you ask us. The cheddar bacon blanket burger is absolutely incredible and we're so hooked on their sweet potato fries! The spicy Thai red curry is a really cool addition that you might not expect to find here. Very highly recommended for a million reasons!

The Office

113 E Concho Ave San Angelo, TX 76903
(325) 655-4380

We love the name of this bar, because when you're out there with all your Party Bus Fort Worth buddies and somebody calls to nag you about an errand, you can just say, "Sorry, I'm at The Office!" and it will be 100% true! Of course, if they hear the booming music or the laughter coming from the happy crowds that gather here, your cover just may be blown! Haha! The bar really does have the best ambiance and it's just so cool and relaxed here. The bartender who was working the night that we were there was so friendly, and we've heard from our Party Bus Fort Worth customers that they always have a good time here at one of Bethel's best bars!

Eola Schoolhouse Restaurant, Brewery, & Lodge

12119 School Road FM 381 Eola, TX 76937
(325) 469-3314

Located within an old schoolhouse, Eola Schoolhouse Restaurant, Brewery, & Lodge is one of the most unique places that you'll ever find to hang out in the Bethel area with your Party Bus Fort Worth group. This is not a full bar nor is it a place to watch the game. Rather, it's a place to enjoy some really fantastic beer, to find out the stories behind the brewing of that beer, and to even enjoy some yummy snacks (we love the fries!) while you keep on sippin'! The chicken fried steak and the hamburgers are oft-recommended items here, and you really can't go wrong with either one of those. They've got souvenirs here too, so stock up and never forget your night!


4397 Sunset Dr San Angelo, TX 76904
(325) 227-4812

Shogun is Party Bus Fort Worth's favorite Japanese restaurant and sushi bar in the Bethel area, and we'd be willing to bet that dozens of our customers would say the same thing! Otherwise why would they always include it on their party bus itinerary or randomly pointing their chauffeurs there for a mid-day sushi fest? This is a real winner! Lots of our partygoers stop in to pick up some take-out to enjoy on the bus too. Always fun. The hibachi grills are excellent and entertaining for your groups and you will definitely want to opt for the filet mignon! The portions are generous and the food is very authentic and delicious. Zero complaints here!

Miss Hattie's Cafe & Saloon

26 W Concho Ave San Angelo, TX 76903
(325) 653-0570

If you really want to treat yourself to a sensational cafe and lounge when you're in Bethel with Party Bus Fort Worth, Miss Hattie's Cafe & Saloon is the name that you need to know. This is a place that keeps their prices in the moderate range so that you can enjoy premium quality food and drink without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. It's always quiet and pleasant, with no TV here to distract from your good conversation or your incredible food. The chicken fried chicken is one of the best known dishes here and we're also really big fans of their yummy fried okra and mashed potatoes. The chocolate creme brulee is a must for dessert!